Fixed issues

Release 5.2.3
ID Description
ZEN-6972 Multi-graph reports are unable to show more than 39 entries in edit mode.
ZEN-19198 FileSystem transform fails because evt.eventKey no longer contains the data point name.
ZEN-23471 Date range filtering not working.
ZEN-23497 Provide an option to exclude full device location in graph title. Use to read device names when locations become long.
ZEN-23499 FQDN in multi-graph reports makes graphs difficult to read.
ZEN-23822 When utilizing an event bookmark, only columns currently visible get the filters applied; not all columns specified in the bookmark.
ZEN-24504 Select EVENTS > Event Classes > Status (as an example) and set the pull-down to Mapping Instances. The count at the bottom might display incorrect values when navigating.
ZEN-24685 findposkeyerror reports trace backs with the log "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getDatabase".
ZEN-25471 Devices can be added to Component Group as they are included in search results.
ZEN-26037 Test data source browser interface functionality should test on device's actual collector.
ZEN-26380 Event View dashboard portlet does not retain specified columns and filters.
ZEN-26449 A DERIVE type data point is performing like a COUNTER data point in graphs. In particular, when the delta of the current and previous value are negative, the graph displays a spike instead of a drop.
ZEN-26522 IPv6ServiceMap plug-in models services that are localhost-only.
ZEN-26530 When using a Custom Production State and zProdStateThreshold to disable monitoring for a device, the configuration does not take effect immediately.
ZEN-26596 When running an auto discovery on a very large network subnet, the discover job will timeout.
ZEN-26637 zenmodeler logging 'Scan time' of modeling immediately after modeling starts, resulting in inaccurate logging of modeling times.
ZEN-26645 zeneventd logging duplicate entries.
ZEN-26673 When a user with role ZenManager adds a device and a component group to a new user as an Administered Object, the new user is unable to add components to the group.
ZEN-26674 As a user with permissions only to a component group, clicking on a component from that group results in a redirect to the login prompt and resulting login will fail.
ZEN-26739 Unable to selectively adjust zFileSystemSizeOffset based on filesystem type. For example: Ext4 filesystems have five percent reserves and the product must take that into account.
ZEN-26741 When selecting All on Same Graph in Component Graphs, the legend will contain the device ID instead of the title, component ID instead of the title, GraphPoint legend is repeated, and device is included on each legend entry even though it is the same for all.
ZEN-26754 audit.log does not log changes to the Infrastructure > Manufacturers page.
ZEN-26795 SNMP INFORM via SNMPv3 are not being processed.
ZEN-26821 Bad transform events can cause an event loop. zeneventd will produce events sent to the root event class, events fail to find default mappings and mapped to /Unknown, and transform errors are logged.
ZEN-26829 zenhub stats does not include the pid of the zenhubworker for which a task is assigned. This new information is useful when debugging zenhub and its workers, especially in cases where a worker might be hanging or deadlocked.
ZEN-26882 zenbatchload --nocommit still commits changes.
ZEN-26883 Graph refresh button will request new graph data, even if previous request is still being processed, which leads to slowing down the system.
ZEN-26884 Graph continues to make refresh requests even when graphs are no longer visible, which leads to slowing down the system.
ZEN-26928 When an error is encountered when evaluating min/max threshold, the resulting logged error on the hub does not specify the device/component from which the error originated.
ZEN-26936 Device configuration loading speed is slow.
ZEN-26994 Existing graph reports will not allow a user to add additional device-level graphs.
ZEN-27000 RabbitMQ should not have an IP assignment because this limits the ability to provide application-level high-availability (HA) if a host fails.
ZEN-27008 Viewing a device graph where the value fluctuates over time, the actual maximum value might not display correctly. Zoom out from the graph and at certain intervals, the max value will drop, even though the higher value will still be within the graph's time range.
ZEN-27030 Setting the device parameter (evt.device) on an event transform prevents the production state from being set.
ZEN-27031 Using a formatted email notification, extra spaces are added in the html. The extra spaces can break rendering and formatting.
ZEN-27042 When a new data source name includes invalid characters, a message is needed to state the allowed characters.
ZEN-27044 In the component graphs section, graphs can have a group of disparate values of different sizes. When displayed individually, graphs will render correctly; however, when they are grouped, they render too large to be viewed without scrolling.
ZEN-27046 When deleting an organizational group, the devices that belong to that group are not completely removed from the group. Subsequently, if the group is re-created, the devices appear in the list of group members, even though the devices claim to not be a member of the group, and the group still claims to have zero members.
ZEN-27063 Most component graphs display IDs instead of title in legend and summary.