New features

Resource Manager 5.2.0 provides the following performance improvements:

  • Improved browser interface scalability: The browser interface has been enhanced to support dozens of simultaneous users. In practice, the limit on the number of concurrent users will be subject to actual system sizing and activity level.
  • Improved performance for production state changes: The amount of time required to change production state on a device (typically, to put a device into or out of maintenance mode) has been greatly reduced, allowing Resource Manager to put many hundreds of devices into maintenance mode in a few minutes. The actual performance will vary depending on the types of devices involved, particularly the number of components each device has.
  • Upgraded service libraries: The following libraries have been updated with fixes for defects and enhancements:
    • OpenTSDB: Randomized unique identifiers provide better distribution among regions.
    • Logstash: Improved reliability under heavy loads.
    • Kibana: Improved log viewing.
    • Java 8: Enhanced security.
    • Docker: Performance enhancements.
    • Twisted: Enhanced SSH security.
    • Nginx: Performance enhancements.