Fixed issues

Release 5.2.4
ID Description
ZEN-23079 Dependency View takes 5 minutes or more to load.
ZEN-24220 Component graphs show internal ID instead of hostname.
ZEN-26930 Once the device tree contains a minimal set of sub-organizers (Devices, Groups, Systems, Locations), the auto-refresh is slow. While the tree is being retrieved, the entire tree becomes blank and displays a loading message.
ZEN-26998 Graph range for 'Yesterday' is actually the last 24 hours.
ZEN-27057 Projected values are not being displayed.
ZEN-27094 Zenoss Core will allow duplicate IPs for a device.
ZEN-27096 / ZEN-27291 When filtering on production state AND sorting other fields on the Infrastructure page, a ProdStateNotSetError flare is displayed.
ZEN-27128 MultiGraph reports display last group name for all graphs.
ZEN-27168 The Device component list in the Zenoss Core UI is not sorted alphabetically.
ZEN-27184 Model Collection Age displays epoch time instead of "Not Modeled" for devices that are not modeled.
ZEN-27211 / ZEN-27230 / ZEN-27380 Service definitions should be consistent between fresh and upgraded systems.
ZEN-27221 Unable to ack or close events within the Infrastructure page.
ZEN-27276 OS Process Monitoring (SNMP) can send duplicate events if the component has been removed.
ZEN-27278 Uninstalling a ZenPack that has a service results in a traceback error.
ZEN-27289 By default, zauth zserver-threads are set to 10.
ZEN-27331 No event is raised when SNMPv3 modeling fails with a traceback.
ZEN-27337 Graph export file (CSV) does not have any unit of measure.
ZEN-27341 ZenPacks are not always installed in the correct order during Zenoss Core upgrade.
ZEN-27347 When a backup is taken while the system has a large number of DB writes happening, the restore from the backup may result in database corruption.
ZEN-27353 Zenoss toolbox should be included in the product image.
ZEN-27361 In appliance install, an upgrade of Control Center on delegates from version 1.3.0 to 1.3.x does not complete.
ZEN-27379 With component groups containing vSphere pNICs, many will have the same name. the user will not be able to tell which pNIC goes with which host, or which vNIC with which VM.