Fixed issues

Release 5.2.1
ID Description
ZEN-21950 Links to Event views with time value filter do not include those time values when the link is followed.
ZEN-23196 Zen Packs that add or modify sequence numbers do not log the changes that were made during installation.

Exporting events does not work properly when the operator "!!" is used in filters.

ZEN-25636 For maintenance windows, the clearing event does not close the associated started maintenance window event.
ZEN-25963 User and time stamp for event log entries span multiple lines.
ZEN-25995 Possible XSS vulnerability when performing device searches.
ZEN-26020 MetricShipper can fail silently when the connection to MetricConsumer fails.
ZEN-26108 When displayed columns are configured in the Event Console, the Create Incident button disappears.
ZEN-26147 Date range filtering does not functioning in the Event Console.

Adding a new device or line to a graph does not get dynamically added to the link to the graph; only 28 items can be added.

ZEN-26258 Device graph does not display the maximum value correctly.
ZEN-26321 The default date format can be configured in User Settings.
ZEN-26403 One of the metricreporters in MetricConsumer and CentralQuery fail authentication.
ZEN-26439 Event summary and message details are displayed over multiple lines when the screen has room to display more of the content on the same line.
ZEN-26459 Pressing the Enter key does not add entries in an event log.
ZEN-26460 Typing a partial IP address into the IP address search box on the Infrastructure page results in meaningless log entries.
ZEN-26580 IPv6 addresses are not displayed in device interface components.
ZEN-26590 HRFileSystemMap plugin does not convert unsigned integers.
ZEN-26621 Pulling device configurations from a collector with large number of devices performs slowly.