Installing the Resource Manager template

Use this procedure to install the Resource Manager service definition template on the Control Center master host.

If you are installing on a Control Center cluster that does not have internet access, perform the procedures in Preparing to install without internet access and then perform this procedure.

  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Install the Resource Manager template file.
    With internet access:
    yum --enablerepo=zenoss-stable install -y zenoss-resmgr-service-5.2.6
    Without internet access:
    yum install -y /tmp/zenoss-resmgr-service-5.2.6.noarch.rpm
    The template file is stored in /opt/serviced/templates.
  3. Authenticate to the Docker Hub repository.
    Replace Userwith the name of your Docker Hub account.
    docker login -u User
    The docker service prompts you for the password of the Docker Hub account, and saves a hash of the credentials in the $HOME/.docker/config.json file (root user account).