Installing the repository mirror

Use this procedure to install the Zenoss repository mirror on a Control Center host. The mirror contains packages that are required on all Control Center cluster hosts.
  1. Log in to the target host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Move the RPM files to /tmp.
  3. Optional: Remove the existing repository mirror, if necessary.
    This step is not necessary during installations, only upgrades.
    1. Search for the existing repository mirror.
      yum list --disablerepo=* | awk '/^yum-mirror/ { print $1}'
    2. Remove the mirror.
      Replace Old-Mirror with the name of the Zenoss repository mirror returned in the previous substep:
      yum remove -y Old-Mirror
  4. Install the repository mirror.
    yum install -y /tmp/yum-mirror-*.rpm
    The yum command copies the contents of the RPM file to /opt/zenoss-repo-mirror.
  5. Copy the Control Center RPM file to the mirror directory.
    cp /tmp/serviced-1.3.3-1.x86_64.rpm /opt/zenoss-repo-mirror
  6. Optional: Delete the RPM files.
    rm /tmp/yum-mirror-*.rpm /tmp/serviced-*.rpm