Creating new resource pools

This procedure creates a new resource pool for the Control Center master nodes, and one or more resource pools for other hosts.
  1. Log in to the primary node of the high-availability cluster as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
    To ensure you are logging in to the primary node, use the virtual hostname (HA-Virtual-Name) or virtual IP address (HA-Virtual-IP) of the high-availability cluster.
  2. Create a new resource pool named master.
    serviced pool add master
  3. Optional: Create additional resource pools, if desired.
    At least one additional resource pools is recommended. Many users find it useful to have pool names such as infrastructure and collector-n for groups of delegate hosts.

    Replace Pool-Name with the name of the pool to create:

    serviced pool add Pool-Name

    Repeat the preceding command as desired.