Fixed issues

Release 1.3.3
ID Description
CC-1577 Application service details graphs may not populate for time periods less than last 12 hours.
CC-1621 Deleted application templates may be displayed again after a serviced restart, until the view is refreshed.
CC-1762 When localized, some elements of the Control Center UI are not translated as expected.
CC-3438 Status icon for hosts is the same whether offline or unauthorized.
CC-3511 RabbitMQ admin web interface links are broken for the /zenoss exchanges/queues.
CC-3519 When Control Center generates the logstash.conf file used by the Docker container serviced-isvcs_logstash, it might generate duplicate entries for some of the service-specific filters. When that happens, Logstash might not properly forward data to Elasticsearch.
CC-3520 When upgrading to Control Center 1.3.2, the check for serviced thinpool reports errors on delegates as if they do not have any thinpools.
CC-3563 When a Control Center delegate is disconnected from the Control Center master, glog attempts to reconnect very aggressively in an attempt to find Logstash. This behavior can lead to a flood of unneeded network requests.
CC-3575 Docker has been upgraded to 17.03.1 to address a variety of potential issues.
CC-3612 serviced base device potentially can grow after restart.