Fixed issues

Release 1.3.1
ID Description
CC-2651 serviced volume status fails and logs "can't load a volume that uses the base device..." to serviced logs when stale metadata entries for old applications are present.
CC-3182 After updating the interface on a host, Control Center does not display the updated interface name.
CC-3207 A restore will fail if the backup has resource pools with VIPs that do not exist in the target Control Center.
CC-3223 Defect with RHEL 7.3 in certain configurations where disabling the consistent network device naming and then restarting will cause inconsistent, changing, or missing network device names.
CC-3243 A timeout of serviced health checks forces failover in a high-availability cluster. This fix is included in the PCS resource agents for Control Center package.
CC-3247 After restoring a backup, only non-virtual IP assignments are restored.
CC-3283 The serviced-storage resource agent does not deactivate all of the Control Center storage devices during a failover. This fix is included in the PCS resource agents for Control Center package.
CC-3355 Delegate authentication will fail if the master time is too far ahead of the delegate time. Allow for authentication to be less sensitive to time drift.
CC-3359 A flare message should be displayed if a user clicks start/restart button for a group of services that are in emergency state.
CC-3362 Services that have been emergency stopped should not have a way to change state or status except with the CLI command serviced service clear-emergency.
CC-3382 A backup can be started even if there is not enough space to store it.
CC-3396 When using the --force-restart option, a rollback to a snapshot does not automatically start services.
CC-3397 Services with VIP assignments do not move to another available host if the timeout is exceeded on an outage.
CC-3404 Backup will fail when remote collectors are unavailable.