Fixed issues

Release 1.3.0
ID Description
CC-2076 By default, serviced binary is available to all users.
CC-2261 Variables SERVICED_DM_BASESIZE and SERVICED_DM_THINPOOLDEV are not present in defaults of serviced configuration file.
CC-2362 HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is missing from the HTTPS server.
CC-2612 Control Center security: Cross-site scripting on the Resource Pool name
CC-2828 When adding an invalid or duplicate host, the error flare messages are displayed behind the Add Hosts window.
CC-2848 Cannot add a new pool via UI after having a failed attempt.
CC-2900 Upgrading to Go 1.7.3 fixes issues with crypto/tls and net/http.
CC-2940 Docker network bridge automatically remaps service IPs, then loses internal network sync.
CC-3025 The Control Center Resource Pools page generates too many requests and causes serviced CPU usage to go up.
CC-3032 Cannot use mariadb-model by name in CLI commands.
CC-3034 Change "Worker" to "Delegate" on Edit Resource Pool dialog.
CC-3069 Warn/Show Error when authorization fails due to clock drifts between hosts.
CC-3084 "Serviced unable to get memory metrics" message should not be present.
CC-3093 Services never show the over-commitment red dot.
CC-3155 Naming conventions for delegates not consistent in Control Center UI.
CC-3158 Log progress updates on Backups and Restores.
CC-3211 Loading services page causes JS errors.
CC-3215 pam crashes serviced.
CC-3235 Unable to add collector to Control Center when NAT is involved.
CC-3262 Elastic is being locked up for the duration of a backup.
CC-3264 Edits to service config files are not always saved.