Preparing to install or upgrade with internet access

To perform this procedure, you need:
  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Download the Service Impact image from Docker Hub.
    Replace the variable x with the minor release number of the version that you are installing.
    docker pull zenoss/impact_5.1:5.1.x.0.0
    The download typically takes 3-5 minutes.
  3. Download the Service Impact ZenPacks from the File Portal - Download Zenoss Enterprise Software site.

    The ZenPacks are ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact and ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer.

    • If you are installing or upgrading Service Impact with a Resource Manager 5.1.x or later deployment, select the file named as follows, where the variable Version is replaced with the actual version number: ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer-Version-py2.7.egg.
    • If you are upgrading Service Impact with a Resource Manager 5.0.x deployment, select the file named ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer-Version-rm5.0.x-py2.7.egg.

    There is only one version of the ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact ZenPack.

  4. Copy the ZenPack egg files to a local directory on the Control Center master host.
    1. Create a directory for the ZenPack egg files.
      The directory must be local (not mounted) and must be readable, writable, and executable by all users.
      The following command creates a directory in /tmp:
      mkdir /tmp/impact-zenpacks
    2. Transfer the files to the new directory.
      The following example uses cp to copy the ZenPacks to the new directory:
      cp ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact*.egg /tmp/impact-zenpacks
    3. Change the file permissions.
      The ZenPack egg files must have the same permissions as their parent directory.
      chmod -R 777 /tmp/impact-zenpacks