Implementation Consulting

The Zenoss Client Services team is skilled at getting your Zenoss implementation tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organization. From planning to custom integrations, Zenoss Client Services will help you get it right the first time.

Plan and Architecture

Even the smallest deployment goes smoother with the proper planning and understanding of your goals and requirements. Zenoss Client Services will help you fully utilize all the capabilities of Zenoss by fully understanding your needs and mapping those in the most efficient and reliable way to the vast set of Zenoss capabilities.


Odds are you will deploy Zenoss once or twice in your career. Zenoss Client Services engineers deploy Zenoss on a daily basis. Zenoss Client Services can help you identify potential issues and overcome them before they become a problem. Often times there are multiple approaches to discovering, modeling and monitoring a device, Zenoss Client Services will help you choose the best one, the first time.

Most of Zenoss' clients have more to do than deploy software. Zenoss Client Services can deploy and configure Zenoss to your specifications and give you the OJT needed to fully exploit the power of Zenoss.


Every organization is different. Zenoss Client Services can tailor Zenoss to look and behave how you want it to work. Zenoss Client Services can create customized views and alerts, model unique devices, create reports that you need, generate unique probes and many other customizations and empower you to do it as well.


Zenoss was designed to easily integrate with other products. Zenoss Client Services can integrate Zenoss in a variety of ways to share the wealth of data gathered by Zenoss with other products. Zenoss Client Services can help you leverage your existing and future product investments by using them as new data sources for Zenoss or feeding those systems the information collected by Zenoss.


Zenoss delivers ZenPacks to capture the best practices in monitoring enterprise applications. Zenoss Client Services can create ZenPacks for applications that may not yet be supported, giving you the same coverage for your unique or custom applications as industry leading products.