Platform Administration I

Zenoss Training

Course Description

This course is intended for administrators who are new to Zenoss — or new to Zenoss version 5 — and are responsible for maintaining the Zenoss platform. It teaches the skills required to perform basic administrative tasks in Control Center and Zenoss Resource Manager.

The course is delivered online by a live instructor, and includes hands-on lab exercises and live demonstrations of product functionality. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and to interact with other class members. Each participant is provided with an individual Zenoss training instance (hosted by Zenoss) for the duration of the class.

For sessions held in US Central Time (CDT/CST), this course is held in a single full-day session with a one-hour break for lunch. For sessions held in GMT time (GMT/GMT+ 1:00), this course is held in two half-day sessions. See the schedule below for times and dates.

Course Outline

  • Changes in Resource Manager 5.0
  • Zenoss Control Center Architecture
    • Docker
    • Control Center Core Concepts
    • Control Center Internal Services
    • Resource Manager Virtual Host Names
  • Administrating Zenoss From Control Center
    • Control Center Access
    • Control Center UI Tour
    • Deploying Resource Manager
    • Adding Resource Pools
    • Adding Hosts
    • Application Deployment Wizard
  • Managing Applications & Services in Control Center
    • Starting & Stopping Services
    • Changing the Number of Service Instances
    • Displaying and Searching Log Messages
    • Backup & Restore
  • Resource Manager
    • Accessing Resource Manager
    • Zenoss Installation Wizard
  • Resource Manager Architecture Overview
    • Resource Manager Functional Components
    • Device → Collector → Hub Logical Architecture
    • Resource Manager Persistent Data Stores
  • Managing Services, Hubs & Collectors in Resource Manager
  • Managing Control Center Users
    • Control Center User Access
  • Managing Zenoss Users & Groups
    • User & Group Management
    • Zenoss Roles
    • User Groups
    • Context-Based Roles






Platform Version










Mar 30, 2017

9am - 5pm CDT

PI-017*Apr 19 - 20, 20172pm - 6pm GMT
PI-018Jun 1, 20179am - 5pm CDT
PI-019Jun 29, 20179am - 5pm CDT
PI-020*Jul 12 - 13, 20172pm - 6pm GMT
PI-021Aug 17, 20179am - 5pm CDT
PI-022Sep 28, 20179am - 5pm CDT
*Starting 2Q2016, additional training sessions in non-U.S. time zones will be available upon request.

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