Aligning IT Ops & IT Service Management

Aligning IT Ops & IT Service Management
Your IT Service Desk and Operations groups are supposed to be on the same team. But let’s be honest. At most companies, these two teams are not in alignment. Each team resides in its own silo. Misalignment causes churn and wasted cycles.

Tickets get opened up when upset business users report problems. This is also usually when IT usually first realizes there is a problem. The result? IT looks clueless again.

Monitoring tools generate a slew of alerts. But these alerts are often ignored because they lack context and intelligence. Even if someone in IT Operations does detect a problem before users start complaining, ticket creation is a tedious process. And tickets from IT Operations always seem to have their own set of problems. Missing or incomplete data. Inaccurate speculation about the root cause of the issue. Issue duplication.

Service quality is on a downward slide. You’re missing your SLAs. Your IT Service Desk and Operations teams barely speak.

At the end of the day, nobody outside of IT cares about the difference between the Service Desk and IT Operations. They only care about getting their jobs done. Business executives don’t know about all of the departmental tool and process silos within IT. And quite frankly, they don’t care. They just want your team to get its act together, stop the churn, and get things done..