With Zenoss’ highly refined Deployment Methodology, our expert Professional Services team can help you implement our industry-leading enterprise software platform to manage thousands of devices within days or weeks, rather than the months or years associated with legacy platforms.

Whether you choose our QuickStart Service or our Expert Implementation Services, these four simple stages of our Zenoss Deployment Methodology guide a Zenoss implementation:

  • Discover: Determine requirements for success
  • Prepare: Build the base platform for deployment
  • Deploy: Configure the platform iteratively
  • Operate: Prepare for go-live and transition to operations mode


QuickStart provides you with a powerful combination of a streamlined, proven deployment methodology and fast time to value.

Key Benefits:

  • More Knowledge Transfer Focus: Zenoss shows you how; you rinse and repeat
  • Quicker Product Standup: out of the box focused; providing accelerated time to value
  • Iterative rollout: Zenoss sets up monitoring of sample of devices; you set up the rest
  • Advisory services option: pay for additional help only as needed

QuickStart is meant to be foundational, functional, and fast, with most deployments completed in 4 weeks or less. Even though we operate as quickly and efficiently as possible, our PMs will be with you every step of the way to monitor, track, and check overall project status, identifying issues, decisions, and actions along the way.

(Don’t worry if you choose QuickStart and realize you need more help than you thought - we also offer Advisory Services for specific more pointed subject matter expertise when you need it.)

Expert Implementation Services

Expert Implementation Services can cover any and all aspects of your Zenoss deployment lifecycle from architecture and high availability/disaster recovery scenarios to custom integrations and ZenPacks designed specifically for your organization.

Key Benefits:

  • Turnkey Focus: Zenoss provides system-wide delivery (as needed)
  • Tailored Delivery: deeper dive into monitoring requirements and expectations
  • Delivery Expertise: deep monitoring industry expertise and scenario evaluations
  • Customizations: special device monitoring or custom integration

You can start with Expert Implementation Services to completely tailor your implementation with a customized deployment plan or add specific advisory and implementation services to a QuickStart package as needed.