What's New & Cool With Zenoss 5

What's New & Cool With Zenoss 5
What’s New and Cool

Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 redefines monitoring for today’s modern IT infrastructures. Most organizations still rely on either a monolithic legacy monitoring stack that can’t extend to today’s technologies, or dozens of siloed “specialty” monitoring tools that present an inconsistent and fragmented view of operations. Both of these approaches slow down IT to a point where service issues can’t be addressed before users are impacted and IT is never able to get out of fire fighting mode, leaving no time to focus on business initiatives.

Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 takes advantage of several cutting edge technologies to make monitoring easier, faster and scalable while presenting a unified Single Source of Truth. Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 enables you to scale out monitoring, while scaling back costs, avoid service disruptions and be more responsive to business demands.

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