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Weighing Your Unified Monitoring Options: When Open Source Makes Sense

There are many open source monitoring tools available today that provide a cost-effective alternative for tackling baseline infrastructure monitoring challenges – Ganglia, Groundwork, Nagios, Zabbix, and Zenoss Core are just a few. However, not every tool is right for every environment. Weighing the strengths and weaknesses of open-source offerings is essential to determining whether they will work to meet your specific goals.

This comparison guide helps provide insight into when and where open source tools might be a good fit. Since Zenoss has both open source and enterprise-scale solutions, we’re very familiar with both the benefits and limitations of these product sets for your organizational needs. Our Zenoss Core open source product is well respected in the marketplace – it has more than 15,000 downloads each month and an active community of more than 100,000 IT professionals. Our enterprise-scale commercial offering, Zenoss Service Dynamics, is used to monitor the complex, dynamic cloud-era infrastructures of some of the largest global hosting providers and Fortune 1000 enterprises.

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Weighing Your Unified Monitoring Options: When Open Source Makes Sense
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