Forrester Webinar: The State of AI in IT Ops

AIOps technology offers real promise for taming modern IT environments, but the past few years have been littered with failed AIOps projects. Traditional ITOM tools, including monitoring tools, were not designed to handle the demands of today's complex hybrid IT environments, let alone the environments of the future. Some ITOM technologies are increasingly expanding collection capabilities to include broader types of data and are analyzing that data with machine learning algorithms — delivering AIOps. Yet success with these projects has proven elusive for many enterprise buyers.

This webinar features Rich Lane, senior infrastructure and operations analyst for Forrester Research, who provides unique insight into the rapidly evolving world of AIOps. The panel will discuss the key AIOps options and how to avoid the common pitfalls of AIOps deployments.

Discussion highlights:

  • The two key approaches to AIOps
  • The most common inhibitors in AIOps projects
  • The advantages of combining AIOps with monitoring
  • The pros and cons of cloud-based AIOps deployments
  • The role of APM in AIOps deployments
  • The future of AIOps

Watch this webinar to learn which AIOps approach is right for your environment and how you can leverage these technologies to dramatically accelerate problem resolution and optimize application performance in your hybrid IT environment.


Forrester Webinar: The State of AI in IT Ops

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