Zenoss Service Dynamics: 'On-Premises'

For hundreds of organizations, Zenoss Service Dynamics — installed on-premises — has been the right solution for their needs. The advanced, service-centric unified monitoring capabilities Zenoss Service Dynamics provides, coupled with reliability, ease of management, and low cost, has allowed hundreds of Zenoss Service Dynamics customers over the years to successfully monitor and manage their IT services.

Zenoss as a Service: Hosted, 'Cloud-Based'

If you prefer a hosted solution, Zenoss as a Service — the hosted version of Zenoss — allows you to take advantage of Zenoss Service Dynamics capabilities within minutes and without the need for IT specialists.

On-Premises vs. Cloud Zenoss as a Service addresses your monitoring and management challenges and allows your IT professionals to focus on delivering value instead of keeping the lights on. Since Zenoss as a Service is a hosted service, you do not have to worry about deploying Zenoss Service Dynamics, managing and upgrading your Zenoss installation, or architecting your IT monitoring infrastructure for high availability — Zenoss as a Service takes care of all of this for you.

With Zenoss as a Service, you will always have the latest version of the Zenoss Service Dynamics platform monitoring your environment, along with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures you will always have 99.9% availability or better. Deploying Zenoss as a Service is easy — simply deploy a light-weight Zenoss virtual appliance on-site in your environment and start monitoring.

Which Version Is Right for You?

Trying to decide whether you should use the on-premises or cloud (hosted) version of Zenoss Service Dynamics? Use the following table to help you guide your decision.

On-Premises Cloud/Hosted
Getting Started
Location Your infrastructure
Deployment Your IT staff, Zenoss Professional Services, or Third-party Professional Services
Data Storage Location Your site Cloud
Unified Monitoring and Event Management
Service Impact
Day-to-Day Management Your IT Staff
Maintenance Your IT Staff
Zenoss Support
Failure Recovery Your IT Staff
Time to Recovery Varies Covered by Zenoss Service Level Agreement

Feature Availability

There are some feature and functionality differences between ZaaS and Zenoss Service Dynamics as an on-premises platform. Below is a list of capabilities only available via on-premises deployments:

  • Consumption Trendline Modeling
  • Time-Based Predictive Thresholds
  • Dependency View
  • Component Grouping
  • Trap Filtering
  • Ceph ZenPack