CiscoPluggableOptics ZenPack

Zenpack for Cisco Pluggable Optics modules; monitor voltage, temperature, current and optical power levels


This ZenPack is developed by the Zenoss user community and supported via our online forums. Zenoss, Inc. does not provide direct support for this ZenPack.


Version 1.1.1- Download
Summary of changes: Matches hardware named like: slot 0/0 transceiver 2
Released on 2016/12/14
Compatible with Zenoss Core 4.2.x


This ZenPack provides Cisco pluggable optics module monitoring of bias current, supply voltage, temperature, transmit and receive optical signal levels for modules that respond via the CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB

Also included is a script to set a threshold for monitoring of receive optical signal levels 3 dBm below the current value.


This ZenPack is developed and supported by the Zenoss User Community. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Community ZenPacks.