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Maximizing Your CMDB Investment to Get to a Life Without Outages

Though business growth is the assumed objective of any for-profit enterprise, it does not come without its challenges. For IT professionals, a growing organization typically means more employees, assets and/or customers requiring additional monitoring and support. Most modern IT environments are already far too complex and dynamic to rely on traditional tools, and growth only exacerbates this problem.

One strategy for managing increasing organizational complexity is the adoption of the IT infrastructure library (ITIL), a framework of best practices that aligns IT services with business needs. Configuration management databases(CMDBs) are the key to implementing ITIL-based management. In its most basic definition, a CMDB is a repository that acts as a data warehouse for information technology (IT) installations. It holds configuration items (CIs), which are the fundamental structural units of a configuration management system. Examples of CIs include individual requirements documents, software, models and plans.

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Maximizing Your CMDB Investment to Get to a Life Without Outages
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