Scale Confidently

See, Know & Act at Scale

Zenoss helps you seamlessly scale from small site deployments to worldwide enterprises.

Unified, Open Platform

  • Monitor your entire application infrastructure from a single pane of glass
  • Take advantage of diverse monitoring capabilities within a single platform
  • Customize our open platform to meet your business needs
  • Use open application programming interfaces (APIs) to extend functionality and integrate into your workflows


SCALE Confidently - Unified, Open Platform

Elastic Scalability

  • Use an elastic approach to scale your monitoring platform and data collection
  • Store your monitoring data using an enterprise-ready big data back end (OpenTSDB-HBase)
  • Optimize manageability and reduce footprint with agentless collection
  • Load balance your monitoring services across a pool of resources
SCALE Confidently - Elastic Scalability

Centrally Managed Administrative Capabilities

  • Easily deploy, upgrade and scale using an out-of-band management system
  • Manage backups and restores centrally and replicate monitoring services quickly
  • Review and analyze your monitoring logs from one interface
  • Centralize access for automating and managing your monitoring configurations
SCALE Confidently - Centrally Managed Administrative Capabilities

Maximum Reliability & High Availability

  • Maintain solution uptime with active/passive platform architecture
  • Ensure continuous, long-term operation, stability and load balancing
  • Mitigate risk from changes with snapshot, backup and restore capabilities
SCALE Confidently - Maximum Reliability & High Availability

Modular Extensions to Suit Your IT Environment

  • Extend out-of-box features using ZenPacks to add additional monitoring capabilities
  • Take advantage of 400+ ZenPacks from Zenoss and the Zenoss Community
  • Leverage framework and support for creating custom ZenPacks
  • Engage our Professional Services team for custom ZenPack development


Integrations & Extensions - Zenoss ZenPacks

Individually Unique. Innovating Together.

Zenoss is built for modern IT infrastructures. Let's discuss how we can work together.

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