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Zenoss enables you to accelerate resolution through actionable insights and automated workflows.

Comprehensive Event Life Cycle Management

  • Resolve service issues more quickly with intelligent event correlation
  • Reduce event clutter with deduplication, flap detection and user-defined filters
  • Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) statistics with life cycle management and automatic clearing of events
  • Map, correlate and analyze events from external tools such as a "manager of managers"


ACT Faster - Comprehensive Event Lifecycle Management

Intelligent Alerting & Notification

  • Quickly alert administrators with configurable notifications and event escalations
  • Receive alerts when performance deviates from defined operational states
  • Define alarm actions to alert relevant parties via email, SMS, PagerDuty, etc.
  • Send notifications based on schedules, users or groups
ACT Faster - Intelligent Alerting & Notification

Native Integration With Incident Management

  • Improve staff productivity and process automation across IT operations
  • Benefit from bidirectional integration with ServiceNow
  • Create and reconcile tickets based on important monitoring events
  • Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) by updating events as they flow through your incident management system


ACT Faster - Native Integration With Incident Management

Remediation & Runbook Automation

  • Script custom commands to automatically resolve common events or initiate a workflow
  • Define and automate your escalation process
  • Adjust your monitoring thresholds and notifications to proactively manage service performance
  • Kick off the appropriate workflows (e.g., orchestration, reprovisioning, ticketing, etc.)
ACT Faster - Remediation & Runbook Automation

Report Sharing Across Business Units

  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) data into a data warehouse for business intelligence (BI) reporting
  • Report on SLA compliance and MTTR trends
  • Distribute reports automatically on a scheduled timeline
ACT Faster - Report Sharing Across Business Units

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