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Zenoss helps you understand everything your services rely on as well as anything impacting their performance.

Accelerated Root-Cause Identification

  • Isolate probable cause sooner with patented confidence-ranking engine
  • Identify resources affecting your service availability and performance
  • Triage issues faster without the frustration of event storms
  • Prioritize responses based on event severity
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Real-Time Insight Into Service Health

  • Understand and prioritize responses to at-risk services
  • Visualize entire service-dependency tree
  • Quickly see what services and resources are impacted by a device event
  • Identify at-risk services based on policies to prevent outages


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Dynamic Service-Impact Modeling

  • Automatically generate models of services and their supporting infrastructures
  • Track dynamic changes to keep the pulse on current relationships and dependencies
  • Supplement understanding of service health with externally generated events
  • Simulate scenarios to identify weaknesses in your infrastructures and services


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Predictive Insights for Early Capacity Planning

  • View capacity utilization trends in real time and configure predictive thresholds
  • Forecast problematic trends for correction and planning
  • Get alerted weeks in advance of capacity being reached
  • Be prepared to take corrective actions ahead of your procurement process
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Operational Reporting & Analytics

  • View time-synchronized charts across multiple metrics or devices
  • Create custom reports on operational analysis, capacity planning and resource trend analysis
  • Identify patterns in event, resource and performance trends
  • Maintain and store historical data for compliance and customer commitments
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