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Zenoss provides hybrid IT monitoring that enables enterprise customers and service providers to transform their businesses.

About Zenoss

Zenoss is the global leader in software-defined IT operations, providing complete visibility for cloud, virtual and physical IT environments for enterprises around the world. Zenoss customers gain IT performance and risk insights into their unique IT ecosystems through real-time analytics that adapt to the ever-evolving data center and cloud, enabling them to eliminate disruptions and accelerate business. Zenoss monitors 1.2 million devices and 17 billion data points a day and more than 60 million data points every 5 minutes.


Company - About Zenoss

A Winning Team

Zenoss is one of the leading tech companies and most desirable places to work in the thriving tech hub of Austin, Texas. Proud to be located in the beautiful hills of the Live Monitoring Capital of the World, we were honored with awards for Forbes' Best Enterprise Software Startups and CEOs to Work For in 2016 and Best Cloud Companies and CEOs to Work For in 2015. We're continuously searching for the brightest, most talented people to help us lead the digital transformation and deliver on our Core Values. To build the highest caliber team, we not only offer amazing benefits across the board but also take great care to recognize achievements of those who go above and beyond. Every employee can make a difference, be a part of a winning team, and participate in an incredible culture that makes life at Zenoss an experience you'll always treasure.


Company - A Winning Team

Why the Zebra at Zenoss?

Like the zebra, individually unique with their distinctive black-and-white-striped coats, Zenossians understand every customer has a unique set of business objectives and needs that drive their IT strategies. We know every existing IT ecosystem is different and no two customers have the same combination of IT solutions. Zenoss enables customers around the world to deliver fast and reliable IT regardless of the unique challenges they face. Also like the zebras, who thrive on community and come together to help each other prosper, we value our community and customers as a critical extension of our team. We know that only by working together can we create solutions to help our customers take their businesses to the next level.


Company - Why the Zebra?

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