Virtualization Monitoring

360-Degree Visibility for Highly Complex Virtualized IT Environments

Virtualization is a fundamental component of today's modern IT environments, and you need complete visibility of all of these highly dynamic virtual resources alongside their physical and cloud-based counterparts. Zenoss provides 360-degree visibility into your entire IT environment.

Why Choose Zenoss for Virtualization Monitoring?

Zenoss makes it easy to monitor and manage virtualized environments. The Zenoss software-defined IT operations platform combines host, guest and workload monitoring with a comprehensive visualization of physical servers and network devices that support them to provide a complete solution for virtual infrastructure monitoring. With a model-driven architecture, the Zenoss platform automatically tracks virtual configurations and relationships while providing complete event visibility, performance measurements, testing thresholds and availability reports. The Zenoss platform also allows you to comprehensively monitor resource performance and availability, including applications, databases, middleware and web servers, regardless of their physical or virtual locations.


Virtual - Why Choose Zenoss for Virtualization Monitoring?

 Zenoss has put together a set of features to help IT keep up with dynamic infrastructure, be it virtualized or cloud based.  

-Michael Coté, Industry Analyst, RedMonk

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Zenoss Virtualization Monitoring
Zenoss Virtualization Monitoring Capabilities

  • Discovery of hosts, host CPU, virtual machines, resource pools, clusters, virtual disk images, network adaptors and other key components
  • Automatic configuration and relationship tracking
  • Memory, throughput, CPU utilization, storage and disk read/write metric monitoring
  • Identification of deviations from expected service levels through the use of predictive thresholds
  • Fast root-cause analysis of file system issues, which reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) and minimizes service disruptions
  • Clear view of the end-to-end service impact on applications, network, storage and virtual host devices
  • Quick identification of storage-related performance bottlenecks that impact end users
  • Full event management, performance measurements, testing thresholds and availability reports



Select Virtualization Monitoring ZenPacks

VMware vSphere
Discover and model VMware vSphere components, monitor performance, manage events, perform root cause analysis and identify service impact. VMware vSphere ZenPack...

Microsoft Hyper-V
Automatically discover Hyper-V entities, then monitor and collect data on Hyper-V servers, host CPUs, network adapters, resource pools, virtual machines, virtual network adapters and more. Microsoft Hyper-V ZenPack...

Citrix XenServer
Automatically discover and collect performance metrics for XenServer components such as pools, hosts, host CPUs, physical block devices and NICs, storage repositories and more. Citrix XenServer ZenPack...

Discover, model and monitor Docker containers, perform root cause analysis, identify service impact and more. Docker ZenPack...




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