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Vassar College Ensures IT Services Availability With Zenoss

AIOps and Full-Stack Monitoring Give Vassar End-to-End Visibility Campuswide

AUSTIN, Texas - June 14, 2022 - Zenoss Inc., the leader in AI-driven full-stack monitoring, today announced long-standing customer and top liberal arts school Vassar College has deployed Zenoss Cloud for a unified view of its IT infrastructure and to provide actionable, prescriptive insights by tracking dynamic interdependencies and predicting IT service issues before they lead to campus service disruptions.

"As a customer of Zenoss since 2011, there is a proven track record of significantly reducing service-impacting incidents," said Mark O'Neal, system administrator at Vassar College. "Zenoss Cloud enables service-centric visibility, which is critical for ensuring infrastructure health and performance, enabling us to deliver a premium educational experience."

Zenoss Cloud is the first SaaS-based intelligent application and service monitoring platform that uniquely enables the emergence of context for preventing service disruptions in modern multicloud environments. This is especially critical in educational environments because there are so many mission-critical applications, including courseware, streaming video and video conferencing, as well as facility management applications for campus surveillance, security and climate control.

"The continued rise of the digital classroom gives in-person and remote students and faculty unprecedented learning capabilities, putting high demands on the IT teams facing ever-increasing infrastructure complexity," said Greg Stock, CEO of Zenoss. "We're extremely proud to have been trusted by Vassar College for so many years as they continue delivering innovative IT solutions that help their students thrive in today’s connected workforce."

About Vassar College
Vassar College is a private liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York, United States. Founded in 1861 by Matthew Vassar, it was the second degree-granting institution of higher education for women in the United States, closely following Elmira College. It became coeducational in 1969 and now has a gender ratio at the national average. The college is one of the historic Seven Sisters, the first elite women's colleges in the U.S., and has a historic relationship with Yale University, which suggested a merger before they both became coeducational institutions. About 2,450 students attend the college. For more information about Vassar College, please visit https://www.vassar.edu/.

About Zenoss
Zenoss works with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. Delivering full-stack monitoring combined with AIOps, Zenoss uniquely collects all types of machine data, including metrics, dependency data, events, streaming data and logs, to build real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to deliver robust AIOps analytics capabilities. This enables IT Ops and DevOps teams to optimize application performance, predict and eliminate outages, and reduce IT spend in modern hybrid IT environments. Zenoss is recognized in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for AIOps Platforms. For more information about Zenoss, please visit https://www.zenoss.com.

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