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Common IT Operations Practice is Costing Businesses Millions


Despite spending $26 billion annually on Systems Management tools, enterprises are finding that they are not getting the results they had hoped for. A recent survey of 161 IT professionals conducted by Forester Consulting painted a rather dismal picture of the state of IT systems management.

  • 1 in 3 companies were unable to address half of their performance/availability issues within 24 hours
  • 49% of the companies believed they wasted more than 20% of their operational resources tracking and correcting problems
  • Less than 40% of organizations had an uptime of 99% or more for their most critical applications
  • Every hour of downtime for their most critical applications costs companies an average of $100,000 with the cost for 24% of the respondents exceeding $500,000.

None of this makes sense - given that IT tools are continuously improving.

So what’s going wrong?