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Cloud Computing Management and Monitoring: 7 Emerging Vendors


What problem do they solve? Having visibility into the inner workings of the cloud not only helps organizations gain the trust of customers, but it also helps prevent costly downtime by pinpointing bottlenecks and assisting in the allocation of future resources. The problem is that the complexity of cloud infrastructure has been abstracted into new layers that need to be monitored and managed within a larger dynamic infrastructure, regardless of who owns the physical assets themselves.

What they do: Built for the cloud, Zenoss is an IT monitoring platform that uses a dynamic model to monitor and maintain dependencies across physical, virtual, and storage devices, providing visual representations of infrastructures that is actionable and up to date.

Customers see the current state of their dynamic environments and are able to rapidly determine when an event may impact services. The monitoring platform also offers event correlation and root cause analysis, infrastructure visualization, operational reporting, and advanced analytics.