Transforming IT Operations #97: Cloud Enablement, iOS 7 vs. IT

Cloud Data CenterEvery Friday, Zenoss highlights some of the best posts from across the web about the transformations taking place in IT. Here are some great articles they selected from 9/20/2013 that are worth taking a look at.

Apple's iOS 7 shipped on Tuesday, and as expected, lines were drawn over its radically flatter UI. A bigger point for concern in the realms of IT involve the headaches bound to occur as BYOD users begin to break internal applications with the shiny new OS. Here's a taste of the sentiment from around the IT world:

Eight IT nightmares about iOS 7 — and how to handle them — by Ryan Faas | CiteWorld.com

iOS 7: what’s different, and how is it better for work?— by Amanpreet Kaur | As Disruptive as IT Gets

The ‘iOS7 for the Enterprise’ Presentation You Might Have Missed — by Kristen Crawford


People-centric IT in the Age of Consumerization — by Rob Tiffany | Robtiffany.com

Open Virtualization Alliance Welcomes NetApp to Governing Board — by David Marshall | VMBlog.com

Are Servers the New Storage? — by Chuck Hollis | Chuck's Blog

BIZTECH Magazines 50 Must-Read IT Blogs 2013 — by BizTech.com

Cloud-Enabling Technologies Market To Reach $22.6 Billion In 2016 — CloudTweaks.com

Reflection on Enablement — by Brian Katz | AScrew'sLoose.com

Survey: Information Security Attacks Up 25% — by Chris Curran | CIODashboard.com

Big Data of Tomorrow - Internet of Everything — by Hu Yoshida | Hu's Blog

Managing Availability in a Cloud World — by Chuck Hollis | Chuck's Blog

CMOs outspending CIOs on technology: “so what?” Here’s what. — by Peter Kretsman | CTO/CIO Perspective

VMware releases VSAM and the power of policies — by Phillip Sellers | Tech Talk

Young, self-made, middle class: How tech is changing the super rich — by Bill Snyder | InfoWorld

Data Center Customers Warming to Iceland — by Rich Miller | Data Center Knowledge




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