Zenoss Advanced Training

Zenoss' experienced trainers deliver the knowledge necessary to successfully configure, customize, scale and maintain your Zenoss deployment. Training is held quarterly in our facilities in Austin, TX. Students are encouraged to attend in person but may also opt to attend remotely via Webex provided they have bi-directional video capability. Each student is supplied with a Zenoss training instance that is hosted by Zenoss as well as lab devices to monitor for this hands on, exercise packed session.




11305 4 Points Dr,
Building 1 Suite 300,
Austin, TX 78726

Course Outline

Zenoss Architecture

Zenoss Internals: Tools, Languages & Expressions: Human Interaction With Zenoss

  • Zope
  • Zendmd
  • REST
  • XML - RPC
  • Python & Python
  • Regular
  • RPN
Zenoss Advanced Administration: Scaling Zenoss
  • Distributed Collectors
  • Distributed Hubs
  • Dedicated MySQL Database
  • Batch loading of devices
Zenoss Advanced Administration: Users and Permissions
  • Zenoss with LDAP and Active Directory
  • Restricting Users
Zenoss Advanced Monitoring

Zenoss Internals: Monitoring

  • Synthetic Transactions
  • Custom Data Points
Zenoss Events

Zenoss Internals: Event Handling Architecture

  • Advanced Event Transform
  • Alerting
  • Remote Event Acknowledgement

Zenoss Internals: Reporting Plugins

  • Exporting reports
  • Auto-generation

Pricing Per Participant

Commercial Subscribers: $1,500

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor, and interact with other students. Each student will be supplied with a Zenoss training instance that is hosted by Zenoss as well as lab devices to monitor. The class is delivered in over 2 days with lunch provided.

To Register

If you would like to register for one of the above sessions, please email training@zenoss.com


Session Dates


Feb 18-19, 2015 9AM-5PM Central time


May 27-28, 2015 9AM-5PM Central time


August 19-20, 2015 9AM-5PM Central time


Nov 11-12 2015 9AM-5PM Central time