What Zenoss Monitors

Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) is a unified IT monitoring platform that provides broad coverage for legacy, physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Completely agentless, ZSD is quick to deploy and easy to maintain and leverages standard protocols including SNMP, WMI and SSH to accomplish monitoring in a heterogeneous environment. To help keep up your with the evolving technologies, we offer ZenPacks, that are fully integrated modules that extend the capability of the solution without the need for rip and replace.

Converged Infrastructure

  • UCS
  • FlexPod
  • VCE Vblock


Zenoss monitors the performance and availability of infrastructure and services running on private and public infrastructure providing you with a holistic view of your environment regardless of where your services reside.


With its deep integration with the VMware vCenter or Hyper-V, Zenoss can quickly extract the information resident in the native tools.

Hardware Monitoring

Designed for the modern datacenter, Zenoss Service Dynamics is a single solution that can monitor physical servers, storage arrays, routers, switches etc. from all the leading manufacturers such as Dell, EMC, Cisco, Juniper etc. as also the modern fibre-based converged infrastructure such as UCS from Cisco.

Servers and Operating Systems


Zenoss leverages SMIS and native APIs to extract performance, availability and utilization KPIs on storage from leading vendors.


Zenoss leverages standard SNMP interfaces to extract performance, availability and utilization KPIs on a wide range of networking providers. In addition Zenoss has deep integration with leading providers including Cisco & Juniper.



To see a complete list of Zenoss capabilities, please visit our ZenPack catalog at http://wiki.zenoss.org/ZenPack_Catalog.