Virtualization Monitoring


"Zenoss has put together a set of features to help IT keep up with dynamic infrastructure, be it virtualized or cloud-based."

Michael Coté
Industry Analyst, RedMonk

Native protocols used to monitor Vblock components:

  • Cisco UCS using the XML-over-HTTP API
  • Cisco networking using SNMP and NetConf
  • VMware vSphere using vSphere API
  • EMC storage using SMI-S
  • Linux and Windows workloads using SSH, SNMP, & WMI
Zenoss Service Dynamics Virtualization Monitoring Demo

Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring for Dynamic Datacenters

Few technologies have been adopted as quickly as hardware virtualization. Server consolidation has reduced costs, improved availability, and increased flexibility. But now virtualization is being blamed for every problem, and virtual administrators are spending time fighting other people's fires.

Highly virtualized infrastructure requires a virtualization monitoring tool that provides end to end visibility.

Zenoss combines heterogeneous management of virtual servers, guests, and workloads with comprehensive management of physical servers and network devices to provide a truly complete solution for virtual infrastructure monitoring. With a model-driven architecture, Zenoss automatically tracks configurations and relationships while providing full event management, performance measurements, testing thresholds, and availability reports.

Unified Virtual Resource Management Solution

Zenoss Virtualization Monitoring ESX Performance Graph

Imagine a customer calling about a slow business system – a virtualized database using SAN storage connected to users on many different network segments. How many different products, how many different people would it take to diagnose the problem?


Zenoss virtual resource management accelerates time to resolution in today's dynamic, virtualized data center:

  • Use synthetic transactions to gather consistent service metrics
  • Identify deviations from service level expectations with predictive thresholds
  • Reduce service disruptions and mean-time to repair through root cause analysis of file system issues
  • Understand and resolve the end-to-end service impact of application, network, storage or virtual host/guest issues
  • Quickly identify storage related performance bottlenecks impacting end users
  • Understand how network stress contributes to service issues and quickly identify the underlying root cause

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software for Complex Datacenters

All in a single product, in just a couple of minutes, Zenoss IT infrastructure monitoring software makes complex datacenter operations of heterogeneous virtualization environments simple.

Zenoss Monitors

  • XenServer
  • VMware

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