Real-Time Server Monitoring

Enterprise Server Monitoring Software for Today’s Datacenter

Server monitoring in today's datacenter is more challenging than ever. Monitoring today's infrastructures usually means working with Windows, multiple Linux flavors, and most likely several legacy operating systems as well. Add virtualization to the mix and the impact of network layouts and storage networks is greater than ever.

Traditional management software cannot keep pace with the amount of change in this dynamic environment.

Zenoss is a single product that makes server monitoring simple. Native virtualization support is coupled with extraordinarily broad operating system and application support. Visualize where servers sit in the network segments inside your organization, and work directly with network attached storage.

IT Operations Management Software for Real-Time Visibility

Zenoss Real Time Server Monitoring

A consistent, up-to-date visual model of all servers, networks, and devices drives server performance monitoring in Zenoss. When it comes to issues resolution, normalized data enables visibility across events, performance charts, synthetic transactions, predictive and static performance thresholds, and availability metrics. Zenoss IT operations management software enables monitoring of routers, network attached storage, virtual hosts, Linux servers, Windows servers (and much more!) from a single tool. There will not be a need to learn and switch between multiple server monitoring tools to be productive.

Legacy monitoring tools are not able to keep up with the increased volume, speed, and complexity of real-time configuration changes and the interdependency between physical and virtual IT assets. As a result, organizations are unable to assure service and are therefore unprepared to take on the risk associated with higher levels of virtualization.

Zenoss is purpose-built to address the challenges of dynamic datacenter giving server administrators the ability to deliver service assurance.

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