Unified IT Resource Management

Today’s datacenter continues to grow rapidly, both in size and in complexity. A typical datacenter has a mix of legacy, virtualized, cloud and cloud infrastructure and a large number of devices. Point solutions acquired over time to monitor the various components are often limited and disjointed and over time have become a hindrance to IT and organizational efficiency and productivity. Organizations are seeking a flexible, extensible, unified solution that can monitor their hardware, software, virtualized environment and even services running on third party clouds. They need tools that help consolidate events from different tools and provide them with a holistic view of their environment.

Unified IT Monitoring for Hybrid IT

The cornerstone of the Zenoss Service Dynamics platform, Zenoss Service Dynamics Resource Manager provides Unified Monitoring for your entire Hybrid IT environment. It automatically discovers & models of all resources in your environment immediately creating an asset-service relationship context. Through its advanced monitoring capabilities it accomplishes performance and availability monitoring, event management, notification, and escalations. With a rich and continually growing library of ~400 software modules – ZenPacks, Resource Manager can be easily enhanced and expanded without ripping or replacing the base platform. Regardless of where your services are running, Resource Manager gathers and displays the IT Ops information through a single intuitive console.

    Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive monitoring from a single product: Unlike many competing offerings, Resource Manager achieves unified monitoring for your legacy, virtual and cloud infrastructure and your applications and operating systems from a single product.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain: Fully agentless solution, enables unified monitoring without the deployment and maintenance overhead associated with agents.
  • Automatically discovers and models all of your resources: Inventories your devices and keeps track of their changing relationships within your dynamic environment.
  • Modern solution purpose-built to address the challenges of the cloud-era datacenters Allows enterprises and managed service providers to accelerate the adoption of virtualization and cloud computing in their next-generation datacenters.
  • Improved productivity: Capabilities such as OS process set monitoring and event flap management automate mundane systems administrator tasks allowing you to focus on high value projects.
  • Assimilation without disruption – As a manager of managers (MOM), Resource Manager aggregates events from different tools allowing you to view alerts from your entire environment through a single console.
  • Flexibility and extensibility through ZenPacks: ZenPacks are fully integrated software modules that help you extend your existing Zenoss Service Dynamics deployment to monitor new and emerging technologies.
  • Proven enterprise and carried class scalability: Resources Manager is deployed across the globe with many in-production implementations monitoring tens of thousands of devices.

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