Global IT Event Management

IT Operations Management Software for Event Consolidation

IT event management in the dynamic datacenter is critical to providing service assurance. In large organizations, events originate from many devices and other management systems. Organizations with networks spanning multiple geographic locations and multiple management domains need a central event console to provide the single, enterprise-wide management view.

IT Event Correlation and Analysis from Multiple Devices, Systems and Locations

Zenoss IT event correlation and analysis enables management of events from multiple Zenoss systems, consolidating events to a single central location and enabling two-way acknowledgement.

Each Zenoss instance provides comprehensive IT event management, integrating events from emerging domain managers such as VMware's vCloud Director and vSphere, Cisco UCS Manager, as well as individual servers and routers, custom databases, and existing domain managers – all done without the use of agents.

Zenoss IT Event Management

Zenoss Global Operations delivers:

  • Consistent, up-to-date, dynamic infrastructure model
  • Broad event collection – without agents
  • Powerful enrichment, suppression, correlation, and automation features
  • Integrated service support desk
  • Flexibility to meet the unique needs of each organization
  • Scalable architecture with distributable components

With its proven architecture, Zenoss IT operations management software can meet the scale requirements of even the largest enterprises. Zenoss servers can be deployed in different geographic locations, enabling federated domain management, through an event consolidator which provides a single, global, view of critical events.


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