Cloud Monitoring


"The visibility, management and IT service assurance delivered through Zenoss allow to provide Cloud clients searching for reliable, responsive, and secure Cloud-based infrastructure solutions with the ability to more quickly see the performance, cost, and scale benefits of migrating their infrastructure to the Cloud."

Matt Ferrari
Director of Platform Engineering,

Native protocols used to monitor Vblock components:

  • Cisco UCS using the XML-over-HTTP API
  • Cisco networking using SNMP and NetConf
  • VMware vSphere using vSphere API
  • EMC storage using SMI-S
  • Linux and Windows workloads using SSH, SNMP, & WMI

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Monitoring Software

Whether deploying a private, public, or hybrid cloud, the fundamentals of systems management and monitoring do not change. Cloud operations management requires unified visibility and real-time awareness of the entire cloud infrastructure.

Dynamic resource prioritization means that cloud servers come and go and change constantly. Provisioning multiple monitoring products for this type of environment is not a scalable approach. However, adding yet another specialized one-off cloud monitoring tool is an even less desirable option.

The right choice is Zenoss - a single product that manages physical, virtual, and cloud devices to deliver a complete solution for cloud operations management. It provides comprehensive cloud computing monitoring of networks, devices, and relationships.

Model-Driven Cloud Operations Management Ensures Relevance

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring ScenarioZenoss automatically maintains a comprehensive model of every device – hardware, software, virtualization and network relationships – and uses that model to ensure the right monitoring policies are always applied.

With cloud devices, Zenoss can model immediately as each server is instantiated. There is no wait for an agent to be deployed and configured – Zenoss provides a comprehensive cloud monitoring tool using functions built into operating systems and applications by manufacturers.

For providers using tools such as VMware vCloud, Zenoss provides a unified service assurance console that brings together the operational insights needed to effectively operate a private or public cloud at scale.

  • End-to-end cloud operations management provided through reporting, alerting and action scripting
  • Secure, multi-tenant portal and/or open data integration capabilities enabling self-service visibility
  • Operational insight needed for capacity planning and management

Agile Cloud Management Software Solutions

Cloud computing is about increased organizational agility provided through the ability to add and remove resources as demands change. Shouldn't your cloud management software help you instead of holding you back? The Zenoss approach is as agile as cloud computing.




Learn how Zenoss provides the awareness required in the dynamic datacenter.



Learn how Zenoss enables visibility into dynamic operations and accelerates issue resolution.



Learn how Zenoss enables action and automation inside rapidly changing dynamic workloads and resource allocations.