Today’s Hybrid IT datacenter is an extremely complex environment - a mix of legacy, virtualized, private and public cloud. Effective and efficient management of the datacenter is challenging and it is not getting easier. A datacenter manager or even an MSP needs to know exactly how their services are performing regardless of where they are running and be able to quickly restore service in case of disruption or degradation. In addition, they must provide timely and vital input into capacity planning and infrastructure optimization activities to ensure the services continue to be delivered as designed.

Business Intelligence for Hybrid IT

Zenoss Service Dynamics Analytics (ZSD Analytics) is a fully integrated component of Zenoss Service Dynamics, the Service Assurance solution from Zenoss. ZSD Analytics delivers real-time actionable business intelligence about the health of the services and its emerging trends allowing you to quickly identify performance & availability issues to lower MTTR and improve service quality.

Analytics and Reporting

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Service Level Reporting – From a single dashboard, get a real-time view of your complete environment and the state of every service
  • Uncover Trends & Patterns to Help IT Optimization – Identify issues potentially impacting your services in the near future and provide vital input for capacity planning and infrastructure optimization
  • Reduce MTTR and Improve SLA Compliance – Identify common performance issues and event trends based on service impact to reduce MTTR and improve overall service quality
  • Generate Reports Aligning with Business Needs – Create out-of-the-box customizable reports to represent your IT state in a meaningful business-centric manner. Reporting flexibility from extreme granularity to high level, holistic views to support reporting by the user’s business needs
  • Create Secure Self-Service Portals for Your Customers – Built-in multi-tenancy allows MSPs to create secure, self-service portals allowing authorized users to get instant and comprehensive access to their data

You need to know what is going on in your IT environment and how you can keep it optimized. Whether your services are being delivered via dedicated physical servers, virtualized, in the cloud, or a mix of everything, these are your services and you need to make sure they are being delivered reliably. With Zenoss Service Dynamics Analytics, no matter what your IT architecture looks like, you now have access to real-time data for your environment that enables to you to continue to deliver on your SLAs and meet your customer’s expectations.