IT Service Assurance

Automated Insights for End-to-End Service Health and Performance

The Zenoss software-defined IT operations platform brings together operational insights from physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures to effectively monitor your entire IT ecosystem at scale.

A Journey to Software-Defined IT Operations
Service Assurance for Your IT

With today's distributed multitier, multisite applications, you need a dynamic monitoring platform that will allow you to see all of the components of an IT service regardless of where they are running or on what type of system. Zenoss lets you focus on providing intelligent service assurance by automatically detecting issues within an application and showing how that affected component interacts with other parts of the system — helping your IT team resolve issues faster and maintain continuous service delivery. Zenoss also enables you to easily manage day-to-day IT operations by providing forward-looking performance insights that aid in capacity planning and resource management activities.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Service assurance means being able to monitor all components at a service level, including performance and configuration data from devices such as servers, operating systems, network components, storage systems, virtualization tools and application frameworks. Zenoss provides real-time views of everything that is happening within your IT infrastructure and helps system administrators proactively troubleshoot unexpected issues before they affect end users or customers.

Improved Troubleshooting & Root-Cause Analysis

Understanding contextual risk and the end-to-end service dependencies that your IT systems support is critical to effectively prioritizing troubleshooting tasks and expediting root-cause analysis. Zenoss provides clear visibility into the health, performance and utilization of the systems your services rely on. With unified IT monitoring and analytics for your entire multivendor infrastructure, you can easily map the service impact relationships between all of your infrastructure and application components.

Multiplatform Support

Modern enterprises often run services on a mixed bag of legacy and modern platforms, including physical, virtual and even cloud-based systems. Tools that offer service assurance for modern IT Ops teams must enable you to view the complex relationships of your services across all of these platforms in order to effectively prevent slowdowns or application failures. Attempting to use siloed, disparate monitoring tools for individual platforms only complicates troubleshooting processes and limits an enterprise's ability to scale. Zenoss provides a unified approach — offering the fastest path to issue identification, reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR), and eliminating the challenge of different teams with different information trying to resolve the same issue.

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