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Zenoss delivers comprehensive real-time models of hybrid IT environments, providing unparalleled holistic health and performance insights.

Hybrid IT Monitoring

The days of applications running in a single data center on physical hardware are long gone. Today, applications often rely on resources in public or private clouds with highly virtualized infrastructures. The dynamic nature of these hybrid environments is forcing IT Ops to embrace both old and new technologies and a vastly accelerated rate of change. In order to fully understand, track and manage the dependencies of a modern service, IT teams need a monitoring platform that can keep up and provide a clear, easy-to-navigate visualization of the complete service flow. Designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of delivering reliable services in modern infrastructures, Zenoss Service Dynamics is that platform.


Application and Service Uptime

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM tools are designed to view transactions as they occur across a network. They can report on multiple services as they make up a single transaction but they do not provide deeper insight into the physical and virtual components that make up each of those services in the transaction chain. Zenoss integrates with leading APM vendors to combine application and infrastructure data in one interface to deliver a single source of truth for full-stack problem identification and resolution.


Physical Infrastructure Monitoring - Compute


Through inherent capabilities and integrations, the Zenoss platform allows you to automate routine and complex tasks alike. Automate discovery, ticketing creation, and performance or system failure response actions, and integrate with complex configuration management systems like Chef, Puppet and SaltStack. Zenoss enables enterprise IT teams to automate and streamline cross-team processes, achieve much higher levels of productivity, and eliminate issues caused by human error.


Monitoring Tool Consolidation

Capacity Planning

Optimizing the utilization of your IT infrastructure can help reduce overall IT costs, make better use of IT resources, and make IT a strategic asset for the business. For physical, virtual and cloud environments, the Zenoss platform helps our customers understand resource utilization of the entire stack, ensure responsive systems and applications, and eliminate unnecessary costs and complexity.


Infrastructure Optimization

Cloud Migration

Managing a cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure presents unique challenges, and it exacerbates the pain of relying on multiple, disparate monitoring tools. The Zenoss platform not only allows customers to monitor the health of their hybrid environments but also enables uninterrupted operations before, during and after a migration to the cloud. We've helped customers seamlessly migrate as much as 97 percent of their physical infrastructures to public, private and multicloud environments without disruptions while identifying system interdependencies and redundant equipment to eliminate the costs of transitioning unnecessary systems.



DevOps is all about bringing applications and services to market faster and more efficiently, but they need infrastructure to do it. IT Ops teams typically specialize in deploying and maintaining infrastructure — they're usually not application experts. The Zenoss platform serves as the bridge between IT Ops and DevOps, allowing these teams to work together to meet common goals for operational velocity and service-level agreement (SLA) attainment. For our large enterprise and service provider customers, Zenoss is the connective tissue between IT teams that enables them to deploy new applications at speeds not previously possible and with greatly reduced risk.


Application Deployment

Incident Management

When service disruptions occur, rapid identification and resolution is essential. IT Ops and IT service management (ITSM) teams must be closely aligned and able to seamlessly share relevant issue information. The Zenoss ticketing system integrations provide the shared resource for these teams to work together efficiently and effectively during service disruptions. Zenoss gathers and automatically populates relevant data into incident tickets, eliminating delays from manually gathering incident details and notifying other teams of service disruptions. The Zenoss platform supports a bidirectional, consistent information flow with key ticketing systems. The current, accurate and actionable information gives all IT teams the continuous data required to quickly begin the resolution process and address issues before disruptions occur.



Event Management

Modern IT environments are growing in size and complexity at a rapidly increasing rate, with data centers often including a range of physical, virtual and cloud resources. In large enterprises and service provider environments, it's common to have tens of thousands of systems and applications generating millions of events per day. To mitigate disruptions and ensure the highest levels of uptime, these organizations require an incredibly efficient, unified view of the entire hybrid IT environment. The Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform intelligently correlates and deduplicates system events, fault notifications and status changes for your entire IT infrastructure — whether it's on premises, in the cloud or both. Our platform's event management capabilities reduce costs and increase IT efficiency through prioritization and automation of event workflows as well as through extreme clarity provided by event "noise" elimination.


Event Management

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