Network Monitoring

Real-Time Performance Monitoring for Your Network Infrastructure

Eliminate costly, redundant tools from multiple vendors and gain comprehensive real-time awareness of network infrastructure–related risks.

Proactively Mitigate Network Outages

Many large organizations have myriad network systems from many vendors, and often these systems were acquired at different times throughout the company's history. What these organizations require is complete visibility across their networks and throughout their data centers to more quickly alert, isolate and resolve network outages and performance issues before they affect IT service delivery. The Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform includes network monitoring software that automatically discovers network devices and applications and can immediately begin monitoring across those multivendor environments for complete visibility into the network. This unified view provides a comprehensive picture of your IT service health and accelerates root-cause analysis, enabling you to address network issues before disruptions occur.

Monitor Your Multivendor Network Environment From a Single Pane of Glass

Zenoss monitors the most trusted networking brands, including Cisco, HP, Juniper, Nortel, F5, Brocade, Citrix NetScaler and more. Built from the ground up to support dynamic infrastructures, Zenoss network monitoring also includes software-defined elements like virtual firewalls and virtual load balancers. Unifying the monitoring of all of your physical and virtual systems helps streamline IT operations, reduce costs and build the foundation for delivering true IT service reliability.

    Improve Network Troubleshooting & Root-Cause Analysis

    Zenoss helps you optimize your network infrastructure by providing continuous network monitoring across vendor platforms through the lens of the services each component supports. This enables you to find, troubleshoot and resolve issues before they become a serious threat to your business. Network monitoring software through Zenoss will allow you to:

    • Discover chassis, processors, fabric cards, ports, power supplies, fans and other key components
    • Monitor performance and availability metrics like inbound/outbound traffic speeds and operational status
    • Consolidate and deduplicate events within the Zenoss console
    • Report on networking activity and analyze network traffic patterns
    • Visualize critical network paths on premises, in the cloud or across hybrid environments

    Optimize Network Performance for IT Service Assurance

    The Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform collects events, metrics and availability data from essentially any piece of IT infrastructure. Zenoss provides common visibility with a focus on end-to-end IT service assurance — the ability to understand the current state of each business application and the infrastructure on which it relies. The unified Zenoss approach offers the fastest path to issue identification, simplifying issue isolation and enabling you to address network problems before business disruptions occur.

    Life Without Outages
    Gain Deeper Understanding With NetFlow Insight

    By analyzing the flow of data through your network to understand the overall volume of network traffic, where it originates and where it is headed, you can quickly gain insight into the overall access, quality and performance of your entire network. Through our NetFlow Insight product, Zenoss allows you to collect NetFlow data from your entire network infrastructure (NetFlow v5, v9 and IPFIX) and index it under a single architecture. NetFlow Insight's powerful correlation engine can then extract that data, compile it, and perform actions against multiple points. Learn More...

    ZenPacks for Network Monitoring

    Zenoss customers can greatly enhance network monitoring with ZenPacks — plug-ins that are uniquely tuned to the features of specific network devices and systems — enabling complete coverage for monitoring a multivendor environment. There are hundreds of ZenPacks available that make it easy for you to make your network monitoring software more robust. ZenPacks use standard APIs and protocols and allow you to collect configuration information and monitor specific network systems without any agents to deploy. For custom equipment and applications, you can also easily build your own network monitoring ZenPacks.

    Our Network Monitoring Capabilities

    • Unified monitoring and correlation of networking events in context with other device and component events in the IT infrastructure
    • Discovery of chassis, processors, fabric cards, ports, power supplies, fans and other key network infrastructure components
    • Dynamic, centralized network and IP address inventory for discovered devices
    • Integration and monitoring of SNMP traps with other IT infrastructure event streams
    • Automatic network topology map creation and updates, including automatic, dynamic updates of the network topology map as network administrators update or reconfigure the network based on changing business and application needs
    • Performance and availability monitoring for metrics like inbound/output traffic speeds and operational status as well as fast discovery and notification when network devices or interfaces go down
    • Suppression of symptomatic events during Layer 3 networking failures, which eliminates event "noise" and speeds issue isolation and root-cause identification

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