IT Services Monitoring

A Services-First View of Your IT Infrastructure

The flexibility and dynamic nature of today’s modern technologies makes it nearly impossible to keep track of exactly which hardware and software components your critical business services rely on. You need a monitoring platform that automatically tracks dependency changes and shows you a visual representation of your services at every level of your IT stack.

A Journey to Software-Defined IT Operations
Unified Monitoring for IT Services

The Zenoss platform is designed for hybrid IT environments and provides complete visibility into the physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures that support your critical services. However, unlike many monitoring tools that focus only on the components they monitor, Zenoss correlates information across your environment to provide a clear visualization of connected components by the services they are tied to. From a single dashboard, you can see the state of your IT services and identify which ones have been impacted by events or outages. This approach enables you to quickly identify the root causes of problems within any given service and also allows you to uncover patterns, trends or unknown dependencies that might affect other services in the future.

Improve Performance & Reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

Zenoss allows you to identify common performance issues and event trends based on historical data so you can improve overall service quality and service-level agreements (SLAs) as well as reduce the risk of outages to critical services. If an outage does occur, Zenoss provides a triaged and ranked listing of the likely root causes based on the services that are impacted so that you can quickly take action, assign appropriate resources and resolve the issue. This approach helps you to clearly understand how performance and availability degradations impact overall service delivery while improving troubleshooting, service reliability and quality across your entire technology stack.

Service Analytics & Capacity Planning

Zenoss analyzes device performance and availability over time using detailed event and service impact reports to better understand the performance and availability of IT infrastructure devices and the services they relate to. By tracking resource utilization trends, Zenoss can predict future capacity utilization requirements based on historical usage data so you can effectively plan for and deploy additional resources before capacity becomes an issue.

Intelligent Reporting

Zenoss IT services monitoring provides in-depth operational analytics reporting based on a centralized, normalized data store. You can view historical performance and event management trends month over month, quarter over quarter and year over year using one of the many out-of-the-box reports. This allows you to view the overall performance of the infrastructure and applications that support your critical services and provides detailed analysis "up the chain" based on the demands of the business. You can also use on-demand, ad hoc reporting capabilities to quickly mine your data and create reports for specific customers, stakeholders or business units.

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