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Zenoss offers the flexibility to meet your organization's unique and evolving needs. Our open platform
can be customized via the user interface, with standard APIs, or through extensions called ZenPacks.

What's a ZenPack?

ZenPacks help you monitor just about anything in your environment. There are hundreds of ZenPacks available for the broadest and most flexible coverage. We make it easy for you to unify, enhance and extend your monitoring without the need to replace any existing tools. ZenPacks are plug-ins that use standard APIs and protocols, including SNMP, WMI and SSH, and allow you to collect configuration information and monitor specific elements, devices or systems without agents. If we don’t have a ZenPack, you can easily build your own to monitor your custom devices and applications.


Integrations & Extensions - Zenoss ZenPacks

ZenPack Options

There are three categories of ZenPacks, which are aligned by two key attributes: who has access to the ZenPack and how it is supported. Many ZenPacks are created by Zenoss. Some of these are released freely into the Community, while others are only available via a paid subscription. Other ZenPacks are both created and supported by our Community members. Learn more about each category below.

Commercial ZenPacks

Our commercial ZenPacks are designed for customers who want to get the most out of their IT monitoring platforms. These ZenPacks provide in-depth integrations with the most modern, cutting-edge technologies. Commercial ZenPacks are included for customers with ZSD or ZaaS subscriptions.

Open-Source ZenPacks

Open-source ZenPacks are also created by Zenoss and cover a broad range of traditional IT technologies — like server, storage and network monitoring devices — from many of the largest and most trusted data center brands. Open-source ZenPacks are freely available to everyone.

Community ZenPacks

Community-contributed ZenPacks are often focused on specific technologies or functionality extensions. They are created by our customers and partners and are supported by the same community of developers that creates them. Community ZenPacks are freely available to everyone.

 We needed to have something that could keep up with the pace of business changes, and the flexible nature of ZenPacks in Zenoss allowed us to do that.  

-Shani Mashhood, Head of Monitoring, BBC


Custom ZenPacks for Your Unique IT Environment

Zenoss Professional Services

We offer a broad range of comprehensive professional services that can help accelerate time to value for our hybrid IT monitoring platform. Choose from a number of prebuilt ZenPacks developed by our Professional Services team or work with them on the creation of customized ZenPacks for any application or service you may require.

Build Your Own ZenPacks

We make it easy to develop your own custom ZenPacks through our ZenPack SDK portal. There you will find our zenpacklib Python library, which utilizes declarative YAML to simplify development and increase the quality and consistency of customized ZenPacks — allowing you to extend Zenoss with even more complex functionalities.

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