Beyond Netcool: The Open Alternative

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Legacy solutions such as IBM Tivoli® Netcool® depend on vendor-lock-in for their very survival as their only sources of revenue are driven from rising maintenance costs, professional services, auditing customers for license compliance, or bundling products within costly "new" suites.   These vendors believe that your investment within their legacy infrastructure, often millions of dollars, justifies their laissez-faire attitude toward innovation or even simple product updates. 

Zenoss is determined to break this cycle and provide you with an open, scalable, and cost effective solution that not only delivers on the failed promises of these legacy vendors but also transforms your IT Operations for today's dynamic and/or Cloud infrastructures. 
In this 30 minute session, you will learn

  • Benefits of Zenoss Event Processing including event organization, correlation, and automation
  • Advantage of a unified solution and architecture that is highly extensible via ZenPacks
  • How transformational IT begins with a dynamic model

We will prove to you that there is an innovative open alternative that is built for dynamic infrastructures and aims to transform IT Operations for the Cloud era.