Caution: Your Legacy Monitoring Solution Will Fail in 2013

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As 2012 comes to a close, IT is in the midst of unprecedented change and hybrid-IT is becoming a reality. To make matters worse, the pace of change is actually accelerating while new and disruptive technologies, such as software defined networking, are poised to turn IT on its head. Meanwhile, converged infrastructure with the notion of maximum automation via APIs, often referred to as the software defined data center, is finally upon us.

In 2013, the demands of this dynamic infrastructure will far outpace your legacy monitoring infrastructure’s capabilities and threaten to derail the entire transformation.

Rather than attempt to retrofit these legacy tools, Zenoss provides a unified monitoring solution that plays a pivotal role by providing instrumentation, visualization, and service-based root cause analysis built for the dynamic data center while integrating with various platforms such as orchestration and provisioning.

Learn about:
• The converged infrastructure Avalanche
• New technologies causing more complexity
• Elemental vs. service based to enable IT as a Service
• How to avoid automation without instrumentation