2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Survey

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Cloud computing and virtualization are two of the major IT trends of this decade. The Zenoss 2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing survey was designed to collect information on the use of virtualization and cloud computing technologies among enterprise users.

Over 200 IT professionals who participate in the Zenoss open source management community shared their views on virtualization and cloud computing technologies.  The survey results were collected during the 2nd quarter of 2010.

Highlights from the survey include:

  • 40.7% indicated that they preferred to deploy servers virtually, 29.3% indicated they used virtualization whenever possible
  • The leading virtualization technology used by respondents was VMware that was in use by 79.3% of survey respondents who were using virtualization
  • 43.3% of participants indicated flexibility as the reason for using virtualization while 33.3% indicated hardware savings as a reason for using the technology
  • The number one stated goal with regards to virtual infrastructure was Cost Savings (64.7%) followed by Deployment Control specifically controlling virtual sprawl
  • Security was the number one concern for cloud computing followed by management and monitoring