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Zenoss SaaS Beta Program
Now you can test-drive first-class monitoring with white glove service, for free. Be a part of the beta program for the new Zenoss Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, give us your feedback, and get special pricing when the SaaS service launches.

What does it cost?
With our SaaS beta program, you pay for your monitoring with your participation and thoughtful feedback. Please estimate two hours for initial set-up, periodic check-in calls, and one final wrap-up session after completion. Customer support during the program will be provided through our web portal.

Who can take part?
You likely have your own networking gear, a mix of Linux and Windows servers (with or without virtualization), & physical, SAN, and/or cloud storage. You have typical business applications like email & CRM, but may also develop your own custom applications for internal or external customers. You might host IT resources for others, & it’s important to be able to prove you’re complying with your service level agreements. Please note that while the beta program can accommodate distributed data centers, participants will be limited to 1000 total devices during the beta phase. (We count a device as anything with an operating system.)

Are there minimum system requirements?
Zenoss will provide a virtual machine image, and you will need to be able to deploy it within your network for data collection. The VM should have access to 4 cores, 8GB memory, and 60GB storage.

How do I sign up?
Zenoss is accepting beta participants through the end of February 2013. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be monitoring the health of your IT the infrastructure with the latest & greatest from Zenoss. PLUS, you’ll be eligible for a licensing discount upon beta program completion. So complete the form to participate today!

What SaaS beta participants get: What the SaaS delivery method means:
One source of truth for monitoring your IT infrastructure (whatever the mix of physical, virtual, and cloud resources) We design & tune your monitoring solution for your environment, including installation of desired ZenPacks, upgrades, and regular maintenance
The algorithmically-determined root cause of any IT service disruptions, so you can fix issues fast We add hardware if necessary to support your scale (up to 1000 devices for the beta program)
The real-time insight you need to prevent disruptions in the first place You get to focus on measuring what matters, and precisely how/when you want to be notified