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Cloud Stats and Figures of 2012

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2012 has been a huge year for the Cloud. In this eBook, we wanted to cut straight to the core of everything Cloud; more specifically, where everyone is in their journey to the cloud and the evolving IT landscape that it brings. So to get you the high level trends from 2012, we spent some time compiling surveys, data sets, case studies, white papers and more to find some of the most compelling, up-to-date stats out there.

We've broken everything down into current stats and future trend predictions. Here's what we cover in this eBook:

Part 1: 2012 Cloud Stats

  • Section 1:    New to Cloud? Start Here
  • Section 2:    Money in the Cloud (and associated costs)
  • Section 3:    Staffing for the Cloud
  • Section 4:    Cloud Deployment and Migration
  • Section 5:    Open Source in Cloud
  • Section 6:    Issues & Challenges in the Cloud
  • Section 7:    Emerging Trends

Part 2: Beyond 2012: The Future of Cloud

  • Section 8:    Future Growth Projections
  • Section 9:    Global Spend
  • Section 10:  Platforms and Trends
  • Section 11:  A Glimpse into the Cloud of 2020