Zenoss Customers by Industry

Join more than 25,000 organizations worldwide from a diverse array of industries and sectors, who trust Zenoss to deliver real-time service operations to their IT infrastructures. Check out a sampling below of just some of the many organizations who use Zenoss to guarantee service delivery and accelerate the adoption of IT-as-a-Service.

Deliver IT-as-a-Service at scale without scaling costs

At Zenoss, we understand the needs of enterprise IT . In your journey to delivering IT-as-a-Service, you need an operations management solution that supports complex, dynamic environments without breaking the bank.

Zenoss Service Dynamics offers just that. Our real-time, unified service operations product provides complete control and visibility into your IT infrastructure, whether it’s physical, virtual or Cloud-based.

Enterprise-ready IT operations management

  • Unified Monitoring : Monitor applications, server, storage, network, and virtualization within a single pane of glass.
  • Service Impact Management : View your IT infrastructure as a service rather than individual elements to deliver true root cause analysis
  • Automation : From simple notifications to complex integrations with Orchestration/Provisioning solutions, Zenoss enables automated IT Ops.
  • Simplified Operations : Zenoss is an open and extensible solution that reduces complexity and streamlines IT Ops, DevOps, and more.

Media & Entertainment

Cloud management to ensure uninterrupted service delivery

Service providers' lifeblood is reliable, uninterrupted service delivery. Zenoss delivers service assurance that provides real-time service impact monitoring for all physical and virtual resources. At a glance, your IT management team can understand the impact of any IT issue to the services being delivered and automatically understand the root cause.

Zenoss Service Dynamics helps anticipate and correct problems before outages impact your customers.

Flexible, extensible cloud management for service providers

  • Scalable Architecture : Zenoss provides the scalability and customization required to power the most demanding operations.
  • Multi-Tenant Management : Zenoss was designed to support secure subscribers’ infrastructure views.
  • Service Impact Analysis : Zenoss automatically creates impact views to help staff understand how IT issues are affecting service delivery.

Cloud management with zero tolerance for outages

For online businesses, service interruptions created by outages equate to lost revenue and lost customers. Zenoss was purpose-built to handle complex, diverse IT environments by providing the IT visibility you need to proactively manage your operations and service delivery.

Zenoss Service Dynamics goes beyond device status reporting and communicates the real-time health of your critical online services.

Cloud management for online businesses

  • Unified Operations : Zenoss provides the flexibility and visibility needed to support your unique online business.
  • User Experience Monitoring : Zenoss was designed to manage all aspects of delivering a successful customer experience - from managing web site load times to customer transactions.
  • Service Impact Analysis : Zenoss automatically creates impact views to help staff understand how IT issues are affecting service delivery.

Secure, extensible, hybrid cloud management

Public sector IT operations has no easy task as it looks to provide flexible IT services and high degrees of efficiency. As your environment becomes more dynamic, having the most up-to-date infrastructure information is critical to managing a complex, heterogeneous architecture at a lower total cost of ownership.

Zenoss Service Dynamics was designed with the flexibility, ease-of-use, and scalability required to manage complex public sector environments.

Cloud management for the public sector

  • Hybrid Cloud Operations : Zenoss provides operational visibility into your physical, virtual, and Cloud resources. Gain a single view of your operations regardless of your architecture.
  • Unified Analytics : Understand utilization and health trends across your IT entire infrastructure, including consumption and availability reporting.
  • Extensible Management : Zenoss is open and extensible to support the heterogeneous IT architectures of public sector customers -- all in a highly secure fashion.